In addition to its' highly qualified staff, Mica Visions utilizes its 24,000 sq. ft. facility and state-of-the-art machinery to meet today's demands in the construction industry. The most recent improvement to our equipment list includes a computerized panel saw that is capable of producing enormous quantity with precision cuts. This saw has been a tremendous upgrade for us, and enables us to be even more competitive with our production and in our pricing.
The appropriate equipment is necessary to produce with accuracy and efficiency. Mica Visions recognizes this and has recently bolstered its' machinery inventory with the addition of a new CNC machining center. If you can design it, the CNC can make it a reality with minimal effort. The machine comes equipped with more tool holders than most shops require and two separate work stations, allowing for continuous operation. Making this upgrade has definitely facilitated our production of the complex design elements that clients are looking for.
When creating woodwork for the particular client, consistent and accurate color matching is essential. Mica Visions has always been recognized for its ability to exceed expectations in this aspect. Assisting us even further to meet these demands has been the addition of an in-house custom stain mix system. In addition to over 400 stock color formulas, we now have the capability to match nearly any color in-house, accurately and promptly. This provides us a distinct advantage over other shops who generally rely on suppliers for their color matching and stain production. In an effort to create the perfect finish for our clients we have also added a 400 square foot spray booth. With massive air intake and discharge, this ensures constant, clean air flow and a superb finished product.

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